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MARK M. BLAIR a resident of Alexandria, VA died in the evening on Sunday, June 26, 2005 of multiple organ failure. He was the son of the late Janice Miller Blair and Raymond Minett (Jones) Blair. He departed this life peacefully with his family at his bedside, at Alexandria Hospital after a long illness. Beloved husband of 42 years to Carol Carr Blair; devoted father of Nancy Blair (Patrick) Duley and Douglas Mark Blair. The family will receive friends on Thursday, June 30 from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. at EVERLY WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME, 1500 West Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA. Funeral services will be held Friday, July 1, at 10:30 a.m. at Everly Wheatley Funeral Home. Interment will follow at Mt. Comfort Cemetery. Memorial gifts may be made by mail to The American Diabetes Association, P.O. Box 1131, Fairfax, VA 22038-1131; by phone at 1-800-DIABETES; on-line at



06/-10-2004 Harold Woodlief (Harold) OUTTEN
02-03-2004 CHERYL SMITH  (wife of William (Bill) Smith )
01-13-03  SYLVIA A. SPIVEY. Cambron
BETH  P. OSTROLENK (wife of Arnold Ostrolenk)
03-16-02 Philip Thomas (Philip) PRISAZNICK

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~~ A Message From Your ~~

Nellie Mae Mankin Foster   * (GWAA 1954 Class Rep.)
Nancy Matter Burton
Richard Crompton
Betty Mae Garner Smith
Marilyn Kapsch Lyles 


To Our 1954 Classmates: "The 50th"!!!  is fast approaching for a resevation form -- click here
The class of 1954 Reunion Committee is in the final stages of planning our fiftieth year reunion.  The theme we have chosen for this reunion is “As Time Goes By.”   The Class of 1955 has been invited to join in our celebration and we expect a large turnout.  We feel confident that this will be a most memorable event.

Our Reunion 2004 will be held at the Holiday Inn, 625 First Street in Alexandria.  The reunion celebration will begin on Friday, September 10, 2004, with the opening of our Hospitality Room, and will culminate with a dinner dance on Saturday evening, September 11, 2004.  The cost will be $75.00 per person.  But if you pay by August 1, 2004, we will be able to reduce your cost to $70.00 per person.  This will include the use of our Hospitality Room on Friday and Saturday, a cocktail hour, buffet dinner dance, an open bar for three hours, and dancing to the music of a disc jockey, featuring music from the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Additionally, we will have some great door prizes and a 50-50 cash drawing.  

 The Holiday Inn (703-545-6300) has set aside a block of rooms for Friday and Saturday nights at a rate of $129.00 per night, plus tax.  If you have special dietary needs you can contact the chef at least two weeks prior to the reunion and he will make every effort to accommodate that special need.

 We are also interested in obtaining names of your acquaintances and friends from other G.W. classes who might wish to attend the reunion.  We will include them in our mailings.

We are in need of additional committee members.  Please call, write, or e-mail, and volunteer to help to make our fiftieth reunion a memorable one.

 Please mark your calendar and join us for a wonderful reunion on September 10 and 11, 2004.

Our class has been having very successful luncheons beginning around 11:30 a.m., on the second Monday of every other month at the Old Country Buffet located at 7820 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia, with about 30-35 classmates and special friends from the GWAA in attendance. For instance, during year 2004 they will be on April 12, June 14, August 9, October 11, and December 13, 2004. Try to join your classmates for this day of reminiscing and just having a good time.
NOTE: Our next luncheon is on Monday, OCTOBER 11, 2004.  Hope to see you there!

 Nellie MANKIN Foster, Class Representative

Below, we have an alphabetically sorted complete ‘CLASS LIST’ of the 288 members of our class.  This complete listing indicates: (in gold print) 256 currently 'found' (located) classmates and (in silver print) lists 24 of our classmates unfortunately known to be deceased.  The remaining 32classmates who have not yet been located  are termed 'lost' are in white. 

Following the CLASS LIST we have additionally included two separate listings of those DECEASED and of those  LOST.

We hope you may be able to help us locate those missing classmates.  You may know an address, married name, college attended, telephone number, or just any scrap of information that you can pass on to us.   We do not want to miss communicating with any of our valued classmates.  Please respond to this request by emailing us at the address shown below. 

Please remember, if you have ANY information about LOST classmates, or if your home address or email address changes, please inforn our GWAA 1954 Class Representative.  It is important that we keep the database up to date.

'54 COMPLETE CLASS LIST in order by NAME (while at GW)
GW54 List as of 08/22/04     Class size=288    lost =  32    known deceased = 32

   #     Status      Name while at  GW   (A.K.A.)   Current Married Name

 #     Status      Name while at  GW   (A.K.A.)   Current Married Name

  1. found     Aldrich, Jane Warren (Jane) Aldrich
  2. found     Allen, Charles Gilmer,Jr (Buddy)
  3. found     Allen, Dean E. (Dean)
  4. found     Alpert, Norma Marlene (Norma) Sherman
  5. found     Anderson, Janis Arnold (Janis) Elkins
  6. found     Anderson, Wilmer Morris (Wilmer)
  7. lost        Angermeier, Adeline L (Rusty)
  8. found     Ashburn, Jane T. (Jane) Bryant
  9. found     Aylor, Nancy Jean (Nancy) Jacobs-Stewart
  10. found     Balderson, Rebecca Hart (Becky) Zehmer
  11. found     Barry, Thomas Edward (Tom)
  12. found     Beach, Robert L. (Robert)
  13. found     Beechy, Thomas Howard (Tom)
  14. found     Bettis, Anna Joyce (Anna) Jordan
  15. found     Blackwell, Joseph Scott (Scott)
  16. found     Blair, Mark Miller (Mark)
  17. d.01/00  Bloch, Howard R. (Howard)
  18. d.02/02  Borchevsky, Michael S. (Mike)
  19. found     Bouligny, Earl Ronald (Earl)
  20. found     Bowen, Robert Davis (Rob)
  21. found     Bracey, Jacequelyn F (Jackie) McDaniel
  22. died       Bradley, Ellen (Ellen) Cole
  23. found     Bremner, Alexander G (Sandy)
  24. found     Brinkley, Barbara Ann (Barbara) Heeter
  25. found     Britt, James Edward (Jim)
  26. died       Brooks, Wesley Harry (Wesley)
  27. found     Brown, Dolores Adrianne (Do-Dee)
  28. found     Bryan, Frances Marie (Marie) Simms
  29. found     Bryant, Barbara (Barbara) Peake
  30. found     Buchanan, Cynthia Dee (Dee) Buchanan
  31. found     Bush, Margaret M. (Margaret) McTighe
  32. lost        Butler, Geraldine (Jerri)
  33. found     Caporaletti, Robert W (Robert)
  34. lost        Carr, Barbara Sue (Bobbie)
  35. lost        Carter, Audrey Carolyn (Carolyn) Nash
  36. found     Chedester, Nancy Lynn (Lynn) Dunham
  37. found     Childers, Carolyn Sue (Carolyn) Barnes
  38. found     Clark, Charles Alleyne (Charles)
  39. found     Clement, James Markland (Jim)
  40. found     Cobean, Joan Deane (Joan) Cobean
  41. found     Cohen, Myrna Sybil (Myrna) Ruben
  42. found     Colpe, Warren Bunting (Warren)
  43. found     Cooper, Mary Elise (Mary) McGee
  44. found     Costello, Gladys Lynn (Gladys) Baumback
  45. found     Councilor, Joan (Joan) Renner
  46. found     Coutry, Gary (Gary)
  47. found     Craig, James Lewis (Jim)
  48. found     Crittenden, Marianne K (Marianne) Snoby
  49. found     Crompton, James Richard (Dick)
  50. found     Cross, Robert Lee (Red)
  51. found     Crowder, Lucille Mary (Lucy) Richardson
  52. lost        Curion, Frances J. (Frances) Robinson
  53. found     Currie, Virgilia R (Virgilia) Masch
  54. found     Dameron, Doris Ann (Doris) Bowen
  55. d.03/71  Daniel, John David (David)
  56. found     Davis, Gloria Ruth (Gloria)
  57. died        Davis, Joseph Cornelius (Neal)
  58. found     Davis, Paul Vincent (Curly)
  59. found     Davis, Walter C.,Jr (Peck)
  60. found     Dill, Clark (Clark)
  61. found     Dixon, Louis Walter (Lou)
  62. d.90's     Donahue, Frances Jean (Jean) Shortt
  63. lost        Dougherty, Constance A (Connie)
  64. found     Drury, Eugene Whitfield (Gene)
  65. found     Duke, Margaret Eleanor (Maggie) Painter
  66. found     Duncan, Leon Arnold (Lee)
  67. found     Dunham, George A. (George)
  68. found     Edwards, Mahlon D. (Mahlon)
  69. found     Evans, Elizabeth Hancock (Liz) Amann
  70. found     Fairfax, Lois Elaine (Lois) Runaldue
  71. died       Finch, Roger Jamison (Roger)
  72. found     Finnegan, Dorothy Ann (Dot) Heil
  73. found     Fitzpatrick, Carol Jane (Carol) Bailey
  74. found     Fletcher, Frances (Frances) Carnahan
  75. found     Foldi, Barbara Jean (Barbara) Haynes
  76. found     Folk, Jacob Wintermoyer (Jake)
  77. found     Forest, Anna Katherine (Ann) Carlsen
  78. found     Foster, L. Delbert (Del)
  79. found     Friesz, Leonard L. (Len)
  80. found     Frinks, Nancy Elizabeth (Nancy) Leasure
  81. found     Fulk, Larry Lee (Larry)
  82. found     Gallagher, Michael Graham (Mike)
  83. d.../79    Gallahan, Gail Sharon (Gail)
  84. found     Gallahan, Gerald Wesley (Jerry)
  85. found     Gandy, Marijane (Jane) Coffey
  86. found     Gannon, Elizabeth M (Liz) Kirk
  87. found     Garner, Betty Mae (Betty) Smith
  88. found     Garrison, John R. (Jack)
  89. d.12/00  Giannandrea, Patrick F (Pat)
  90. lost        Ginley, Eileen Marie (Eileen)
  91. found     Goepel, Ruth Lorraine (Lorraine) Garner
  92. found     Goodwin, Ray C. (Ray)
  93. found     Gordon, Ann Faison (Faison) Drury
  94. found     Gordon, Josephine Marie (Jo) Delane
  95. d.../85    Graham, Patricia Mae (Pat) Hines
  96. found     Greenland, Elizabeth B (Barrett) Dowell
  97. found     Gregg, Judith Ann (Judy) Brantner
  98. lost        Grimes, Charles Dillard (Chuck)
  99. d.70's     Grochowsky, Jerry Robert (Jerry)
  100. found     Grochowsky, Joan Ruth (Jo) Walker
  101. d.05/97  Habron, Jack E. (Jack)
  102. found     Haislip, Martha Ann (Marti) Padgett
  103. found     Hallman, Joanne Faye (Joanne) Proscia
  104. found     Hamilton, L. Anderson (Andy)
  105. found     Hamlet, B. Jo Ann (Jo Ann) Moore
  106. found     Hammill, Bette Jane (Bette) Bethea
  107. found     Harris, Marjorie L (Marge) Burns
  108. found     Harris, Martha Ann (Martha) Loven
  109. found     Harrison, Diane Ruth (Didi) Mottola
  110. found     Harvey, Charles William (Skip)
  111. lost        Hayes, Phyliss Arlene (Phyl)
  112. found     Hearn, Eva Lisa (Lisa) Phillips
  113. found     Heeter, Walter Thomas (Tommy)
  114. lost        Hegseth, Judith Ann (Judy)
  115. lost        Heinly, Joan Doris (Joanie)
  116. found     Helwege, Warren P. (Warren)
  117. found     Herron, Helen Standley (Helen) Heinrich
  118. found     Hertig, David Hiner (Dave)
  119. d.07/98  Hightower, James Leonard (James)
  120. found     Holland, Dorothy E (Dottie) Calkins
  121. found     Houseman, Jane B. (Jane) Beckwith
  122. lost        Hughes, Phyllis Marie (Phyllis)
  123. lost        Hurd, Julie Robinson (Julie)
  124. found     Hyde, Nancy Carol (Nancy) Redmond
  125. lost        Jacobs, Patricia Ann (Pat)
  126. found     Jamison, Robin Lindsay (Robin) Turner
  127. lost        Jenks, Donald G.,Jr. (Donald)
  128. d.../91    Johnson, Dorothy Rice (Dottie) DeVaughn
  129. found     Jones, Jacqueline Ruth (Jackie) Lohr
  130. found     Kahler, Herbert F. (Herb)
  131. found     Kapsch, Marilyn Jane (Marilyn) Lyles
  132. died       Keen, John Paul (John)
  133. found     Kemery, Fred D (Fred)
  134. lost        Kern, Roberta (Bobby) Rosenfeld
  135. found     Kidd, Barbara Lee (Barbara) Moore
  136. found     Kidd, Milton Ray (Milt)
  137. lost        King, Audree Ann (Audree)
  138. found     King, Shirley Leonard (Shirley)
  139. found     Kirkland, Mary (Mary) Riley
  140. found     Koch, Frederick Richard (Fred)
  141. found     Langley, Richard Eugene (Dick)
  142. found     Lanham, Barbara A. (Barbara) Edmondson
  143. d.10/96  Lanou, Tobie Ernest (Tobie)
  144. found     Lawrance, Marilyn (Marilyn) Harrison
  1. found     Lee, Barbara Ann (Barbara) Swartz
  2. found     Leslie, Evelyn (Lyn) Hagood
  3. found     Loeb, Roberta Estelle (Robbie) Gordon
  4. found     Lucas, Marjorie (Margie) Orsak
  5. lost        Lynn, Walter Kay (Wally)
  6. found     MacKenzie, Franklin F (Sandy)
  7. lost        Macklin, Helen Louise (Gussie)
  8. found     MacMillan, Catherine A (Cathy) Violette
  9. found     Mahoney, Lillian Mae (Lillian)
  10. found     Mankin, Nellie Mae (Nellie) Foster
  11. found     Marshall, Betty Sue (Betty) Good
  12. found     Marshall, Paul Eugene (Paul)
  13. found     Marston, Lucy J. (Lucy) Carruthers
  14. found     Matter, Nancyanne (Nancyanne) Burton
  15. d.../74   May, Marilyn Virginia (Ginger)
  16. lost        McBride, Virginia (Virginia)
  17. found     McClary, Lucy Jane (Jane) Pender
  18. lost        McConnell, Ruth Jean (Jean)
  19. d.80's     McCracken, Linda (Linda) Hyman
  20. found     McCuen, Dorothy Martha (Dot)
  21. d.70's     McDermott, Allan Ross (Al)
  22. found     McFarland, Earl L. (Earl)
  23. d.03/99  McGowan, Joanne (Jo)
  24. found     McIntosh, Cordelia Joan (Joan) Frazier
  25. found     McRae, Patricia Jane (Pat) Judd
  26. found     McWilliams, N. Ann (Ann) Guiffre
  27. found     Meiklejohn, Thomas L (Tom)
  28. found     Mellott, Barbara Lee (Bobbie) Fleming
  29. d.02/02  Meyer, Shelby Lloyd (Shelby) Anderson
  30. found     Middlebrooks, Thomas A (Tommy)
  31. found     Middleton, Edgar P (Edgar)
  32. found     Miller, Harry Seely (Harry)
  33. found     Moore, Patrick Holmes (Pat)
  34. found     Moore, Robert H. (Robert)
  35. found     Moore, Robert Milton (Bob)
  36. found     Moore, Susan M. (Susie) Rodgers
  37. found     Moore, William Alton (Alton)
  38. found     Moran, William Peter (Pete)
  39. found     Morgan, Caroline M (Caroline) Maxwell
  40. found     Morrison, Lawrence A (Sandy)
  41. found     Mortensen, Sera Sue (Sue) Vogelsinger
  42. found     Mottley, James Douglas (Jim)
  43. found     Moynihan, Martha Bess (Martha) Eaton
  44. found     Mueller, Donna Mae (Donna) McClain
  45. found     Myers, Frank Lynn (Frank)
  46. found     Nalls, Stuart Lee (Stuart)
  47. died       Naylor, Helen (Helen) Walters
  48. found     Needham, Margaret Jean (Peggy) Young
  49. found     Nelson, Phyllis Ann (Phyllis) Layman
  50. found     Nesbitt, Hadley S. (Hadley)
  51. found     Newman, Betty Lee (Betty) Dombrowsky
  52. found     Noel, Shirley Watts (Shirley) Chafee
  53. found     Norris, Charles Kenneth (Ken)
  54. found     Norvell, Frank Carter (Frank)
  55. lost        Norvell, William C (Bill)
  56. found     O'Connell, Patricia Ann (Patt) Weston
  57. found     O'Donahue, Virginia C (Joy)
  58. found     O'Neil, Marjorie Garnett (Margie) Garris
  59. found     Oliver, John Edward (John)
  60. found     Ostrolenk, Arnold J. (Arnie)
  61. d. 06/10/04    Outten, Harold Woodlief (Harold)
  62. found     Overall, John Edward (John)
  63. found     Owen, Mabel Harriet (Mabel) Dobson
  64. found     Papageorge, Anna (Anna) Stamatiades
  65. found     Parler, Richard Lamar (Dick)
  66. found     Paterson, Elizabeth Ann (Betty)
  67. lost        Patrick, Patricia Cecelia (Pat)
  68. d.02/01  Patton, Stanley Smith (Stan)
  69. found     Pauly, Robert Julian (Bob)
  70. found     Peck, Sandra Luella (Sandy) Oldfield
  71. found     Perry, Joseph Henry (Joe)
  72. found     Petti, Robert Francis (Bob)
  73. d.07/00  Pettit, Patsy Lee Fortney (Pat) Reed
  74. found     Peyton, Mary Ellen (Mary Ellen) Trowbridge
  75. found     Pfingstag, Anne Marr (Anne) Clark
  76. found     Philippe, Allen Robert (Al)
  77. found     Powell, Anna Marie (Anne) Gravatte
  78. found     Price, Don Cravens (Don)
  79. d.05/80  Price, Valeria Lile (Val) Gentry
  80. d.03/02  Prisaznick, Philip Thomas (Philip)
  81. lost         Puckett, Rosemary Ann (Rosemary)
  82. found     Randell, Cortes Wesley (Cort)
  83. found     Reardon, Martie (Martie) Manning
  84. found     Richards, John W. (Gus)
  85. lost         Richardson, Jean McRae (Jean)
  86. found     Rinker, Grace Gail (Gail) Ragan
  87. found     Roberts, Margaret Lane (Peggy) Rapert
  88. found     Robertson, Sylvia Ann (Sylvia) Schmidt
  89. found     Rodgers, Betty Lou (Bettylou) Sherrer
  90. lost         Romani, Shirley Louise (Louise) Rogers
  91. found     Rucker, Corinne E. (Kenny) Emerson
  92. found     Rudy, Edith Dolores (Dee) MacCormac
  93. found     Runaldue, Thomas Judson (Tom)
  94. d.09/00  Sabatini, Dolores V (Dee) Fenimore
  95. found     Sanchez, Betty Lee (Betty) Baker
  96. found     Sanders, Kerrie H. (Kerrie) McHugh
  97. lost         Sands, Virginia Mary (Ginny)
  98. found     Santmire, Margaret L (Peggy)
  99. d.70's    Sapp, Shirley Mae (Missy)
  100. found     Saussy, Jack Peeples,Sr (Jack)
  101. lost         Savage, Maxine Mae (Mac)
  102. found     Schaefer, Anna Louise (Ann) Gregg
  103. found     Schrott, Rosalind Rita (Rozzie) Kay
  104. found     Semones, Charolette K (C.K.) Hyde
  105. found     Sewell, George H. (George)
  106. found     Sheridan, Paul Francis (Paul)
  107. found     Shifflette, Janet (Janet)
  108. found     Shirk, Zenda Marie (Zenda) Wesnor
  109. found     Showalter, Paul (Paul)
  110. found     Simpson, Jeanne Carol (Jean)
  111. found     Sloper, Theodore (Teddy)
  112. found     Smith, Betty Lou (Smittie) Schutte
  113. found     Smith, William Lee (Bill)
  114. lost         Snyder, Lois May (Lo)
  115. found     Solomon, Lawrence M (Larry)
  116. lost         Somers, James Peter (Pete)
  117. d.01/03   Spivey, Sylvia (Sylvia) Cambron
  118. found     Stewart, Charles R. (Charlie)
  119. found     Strickland, John (Strick) Vaughn
  120. found     Stryker, J. Dirck (Dirck)
  121. found     Suthard, Marilyn E (Marilyn)
  122. found     Sutherland, John Reynolds (John)
  123. found     Sutler, Ann G. (Ann)
  124. found     Sutton, Jack A. (Jack)
  125. found     Tesh, Virginia (Virginia) Young
  126. found     Thatcher, Adrienne (Adrienne) Koppenhaver
  127. found     Thomas, Delores Ann (Dee) Vick
  128. found     Thomas, Rose Marie (Rosie)
  129. found     Turrell, Martha Grace (Marty) Francis
  130. found     Wade, Vernon Clayton (Teddy)
  131. found     Waln, Nicholas Robert (Nick)
  132. found     Walters, James Paul (Jimmy)
  133. found     Watts, Robert Lewis (Bob)
  134. found     Webb, Carole Jane (Carole) Holden
  135. found     Whalen, Barbara Ann (Barbara) Laing
  136. found     Whitestone, David Lindsey (Dave)
  137. found     Wienecke, Elizabeth (Betsy) Wienecke
  138. found     Willard, Mary Elizabeth (Bib) Willis
  139. d.10/98  Willett, Sam D. (Sam)
  140. found     Williams, Carol Marian (Willie) Loibl
  141. lost         Williams, David M. (Dave)
  142. lost         Williams, John E. (John)
  143. found     Woolls, Shirley Ann (Shirley)
  144. found     Yarbrough, Gail (Gail) Balch

 288  TOTAL '54 Alumni.  32 Still  LOST.
Remember, if you have ANY info about our LOST '54 Classmates, email your 
GWAA 1954 Class Representative .

'54 CLASS LOST LIST in order by NAME (while at GW) - as of 06/28/2005

    # Status  Full Name while at  GW (A.K.A.)  Married Name (if known)

    # Status  Full Name while at  GW (A.K.A.)  Married Name (if known)

  • 1.        Adeline L. Angermeier

  • 2.        Geraldine Butler

  • 3.        Barbara Sue Carr

  • 4.         Audrey Carolyn Carter

  • 5.        Frances Curion Robinson

  • 6.        Constance A. Dougherty

  • 7.        Eileen M. Ginley

  • 8.        Charles Dillard Grimes

  • 9.        Phyllis Arlene Hayes

  • 10.           Judith A. Hegseth

  • 11.           Joan D. Heinly

  • 12.           Phylismarie Hughes

  • 13.           Julie R. Hurd

  • 14.           Patricia Ann Jacobs

  • 15.           Donald G. Jenks, Jr.

  • 16.           Roberta Kern Rosenfeld

  1. 17.           Audree Ann King

  2. 18.           Walter K. Lynn

  3. 19.           Helen Louise Macklin

  4. 20.           Virginia McBride

  5. 21.           Ruth Jean McConnell

  6. 22.           William C. Norvell

  7. 23.           Patricia Cecelia Patrick

  8. 24.           Rosemary A. Puckett

  9. 25.           Jean M. Richardson

  10. 26.           Shirley Louise Romani Rogers

  11. 27.           Virginia M. Sands

  12. 28.           Maxine M. Savage

  13. 29.           Lois M. Snyder

  14. 30.           James Peter Somers

  15. 31.           David McClellan Williams

  16. 32.           John E. Williams

32 Still  Lost  Out of   288  Total '54 Alumni

If you have any information that would help us locate the above persons, please contact  Betty Garner Smith (410) 289-4552, or Nellie Mankin Foster (703) 451-9135.


In Memoriam as of 08/22/04

Howard R. (Howard) BLOCH
Michael S. (Mike) BORCHEVSKY
Ellen BRADLEY Cole
Wesley H. BROOKS
John David  (David) DANIEL
Joseph Cornelius DAVIS
Frances Jean (Jean) DONAHUE Shortt
Roger J. FINCH
Gail Sharon (Gail) GALLAHAN
Patricia Mae  (Pat) GRAHAM Hines
Jerry Robert (Jerry) GROCHOWSKY
Jack E. (Jack) HABRON
James Leonard HIGHTOWER
Dorothy Rice (Dottie)JOHNSON DeVaughn
John Paul KEEN
Tobie Ernest  (Tobie) LANOU
Marilyn Virginia (Ginger) MAY
Linda (Linda) McCRACKEN Hyman
Allan Ross  (Al) McDERMOTT
Joanne  (Jo) McGOWAN
Shelby L. MEYER Anderson
Helen NAYLOR Walters
Harold Woodlief (Harold) OUTTEN
Stanley Smith  (Stan) PATTON
Patsy Lee Fortney (Pat) PETTIT Reed 
Valeria Lile  (Val) PRICE Gentry
Philip Thomas (Philip) PRISAZNICK
Dolores V (Dee) SABATINI  Fenimore
Shirley Mae (Missy) SAPP
Sylvia Ann SPIVEY Cambron
Sam D. (Sam) WILLETT


The GWHS Class of 1954 successfully celebrated its 46th year reunion in the year 2000 - along with The Class of '55 on
Thanksgiving weekend --November 24 and 25, 2000   Click here for POST REUNION2000 information!!!

The previous GWAA PICNIC was a roaring success... 
About 30 of our '54 classmates showed up for that event!
Click here to SEE PHOTOS of some!!!

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full name (then & now), graduation year, address, phone #, eMail address, and any other pertinent info.

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