Class #1 in GWAA Membership, Class of '53

Sitting in front is James (Jim) O'Mara, William (Weetsie) Violett and William (Bill) Mintzell.

Standing are Adele Donaldson Cleary, Lynn (Lynnie) Thomas Strange, Charles Higginbotham, R. David (Dave) Moss, Donald (Donnie) Blount, Virginia O'Neal Clem and Shirley Ross Blaes.

Standing behind Shirley Ross is Thomas (Tom) Clem, the husband of Virginia O'Neal. To the left of Shirley Ross is Frances (Fran) Stewart Weed. Standing behind Fran is John (Johnny) Hawthorne and on the far right Judith (Judy) Ridgely.

The following were not available when the photo was taken: Joan Bartlett Davis, Olga Lemeshewsky Mitrovich and Shirley Pryor Miller.

All of the above classmates are members of GWAA.

GWAA 1999 Annual Picnic
Photographer: Theodore (Ted) Arthur, '58
Date: September 12, 1999
City: Alexandria, VA
Location: Fort Hunt Park

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